NETRI is India’s first incubator and aggregator for women in politics which delivers programs that equip women to run for elections, become political professionals or political entrepreneurs thereby increasing women's participation in decision-making.
Working with a vision to engender politics & decision making, we are creating 21st-century female-leader icons who have the imagination and determination to transform Indian politics and governance.

Vision: We aim to achieve womxn’s full and effective participation with equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making in political, economic, social and public life.

Building an ecosystem for women in decision-making
NETRI is a one-stop solution for nurturing leadership at grassroots levels. Through its programmes, NETRI is building a women-first political ecosystem by:

1. Fostering grassroots leadership: A Sarpanch represents 5000+ people in her gram panchayat and has financial discretion of INR 60-80 lakh per annum and 29 matters to legislate on.
2. Preparing women to take up positions within regional and national parties: Women’s presence in important positions across wings within parties impacts the culture of the political ecosystem and makes it women sensitive.
3. Preparing women to become political trainers and campaigners- For every 4 women, there are 290 men who are managing a political campaign (3.3% women). NETRI wants to change that. Through its training programmes.

We bring data and policy at the centre of women's political campaigns.

Evidences of Gender-Under-Representation in Decision Making

50% of Indian Population

Less than 15% Representation

At this rate, will take more than 100 years to see an adequate & proportionate representation of women in Indian politics.

Indian Parliament has barely 14.3% women in the Lok Sabha way below the global average of 24.3%.

The national average of women's representation in state assemblies is 9%, while non-womxn constitute 91%.

48.4% of constituencies have NEVER ELECTED A WOMAN since 1962.

In terms of Women’s political representation, India is ranked at 149th place out of 193 countries according to the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

43.3% representation at grassroots

Women clearly lack the 'means' and not the capability.

India has about 253,400 rural local bodies at the village level Gram Panchayats), and 6613 intermediary or block-level Panchayats, and 630 district level panchayats. There are about 3 million elected representatives of these panchayats, out of which 1.3 million are women (43.3%).


Structural and societal barriers have stunted their political careers and limited their aspirations.




Economic Development

Achieving gender equality is critical to overcoming poverty and hunger. Women’s labour force participation in India fell to nearly 24% in 2018 and has been recorded as one of the world’s lowest.

Women’s economic development is intertwined with- agency, leadership and access to time and resources to pursue productive endeavours for economic growth. Their participation in public life results in beneficial policies for both men and women and reduce corruption.

Nation Building

Equality and harmony are imperative in building a strong, stable and sustainable nation. While the literacy gap between genders is reducing, women's contribution to India's GDP is plummeting.

Women leaders focus on issues of child and maternal health, safety, public service delivery, access to education, reproductive rights, sanitation etc and actively contribute to alleviate poverty, promote peace and build strong communities.

Well-being and happiness for all

In the well-being and happiness of the nation, women, cannot be left behind. India ranks at 140th out of 156 nations surveyed for the World Happiness Report by UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, 2019.

Most of the indicators (life expectancy, freedom of choice etc) are the ones on which women, perform worse than men. They will keep performing poorly if they are not being represented in the decision-making procedure.





Commitment to Sustainable Development Goal:
Achieve Gender Equality and Empower all women and girls

Our Beliefs

  • Womxn deserve an equitable share in decision making and economic growth
  • Revolutionizing the process of womxn’s engagement with leadership.

Our Beliefs

  • Womxn deserve an equitable share in decision making and economic growth
  • Revolutionizing the process of womxn’s engagement with leadership.

Our Goals

  • Increasing political understanding, participation and aspirations of womxn
  • Structural change in womxn’s interaction with state
  • Increased No. of womxn contesting in elections at all levels of decision making

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