Women-Led Development through Women-Led Governments

To bring equal representation in action, join us in demanding that the Women’s Reservation Bill be tabled and discussed in the Special Session of the Parliament taking place between 18th and 22th September 2023.

We are reaching out to MPs, MLAs, activists, and opinion makers amongst some other important figures who can advocate for a concrete discussion of the Women’s Reservation Bill in the Special Session. 

Status of Women Report
Our Petition Document
Why Now?

Representation Matters: 50% of India is women, yet are we to wait another 100 years to see Women-Led Governments?

Representation Reality Check
9% Growth in 77 years, is a shame
50% Population Needs to be heard

Increased women's representation at the decision-making level is not just symbolic, it's essential for ushering in critical policy changes that directly impact lives of women, therefore of entire family.

Health Indices
Legislative Issue 1
Women's Health is staggering

Improved representation can help advocate for better healthcare services, including menstrual and reproductive healthcare. Currently 3/5 women currently face barriers in accessing healthcare.

Livelihood Indices
Legislative Issue 2
Women's Employment at all time low

Women's safety, productivity and growth at workplace is a matter of better legislations. Women's participation at work place won't go up unless systems are designed keeping them in mind.

Violence & Safety Indices
Legislative Issue 3
Safety is a Political Issue for women

Violence Against Women occurs at Domestic & Public Places, but also at workplace. Women are unsafe than ever before.

Agency Indices
Legislative Issue 4
Agency is more than Empowerment . We want more!

Women must have greater financial and bodily agency, considering that 4/5 women currently lack access to their own money and 9/10 women do not take contraceptive decisions alone.

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Anand Mangnale September 16, 2023

A little sugarcoating, but again, need to do what needs to be done. & this is already too delayed! Hoorah!

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